Please note when you choose the options provided by the banks you should never tell anyone your PIN (personal identification number) to anyone, and keep your card in a safe place with you at all times! Keep in mind these cards are usable in most countries so you will be able to use them when you get back home.

Northwest Bank is actively involved in the Okoboji ISOP and they are supportive to international student banking needs. Northwest Bank is one of a number of local banking options for you to choose from. Talk to your employer about how to set up a banking option.

Do not keep large sums of cash on your person

To keep your money safe, please talk to your employer about the options provided by local banks in the area. They have special services to fit your needs. It is never safe to keep large sums of money anywhere but a bank. The best option for is to have a prepaid card or payroll card. Again talk to your employer about these options.

Northwest Bank has a link for how the Prepaid card works!