If you have an emergency and need assistance from the police, fire
department, or ambulance, dial 911. Do not call this number if it is not an
The following are examples of when to call 911:
• A fire
• A crime, especially if it is in progress
• A car crash, especially if someone is injured
• A medical emergency

The non-emergency phone number for the Okoboji Police Department is

You Can trust the police. They are public servants and their job is to maintain law and order and to assist citizens and visitors in any difficulty. DO NOT HESITATE to ask them for help.
If you are caught committing any crime, you will be arrested.
• Your case will go to court and if you are found guilty, you could be fined and/or sentenced to days, weeks or even longer in jail.
• Shoplifting (taking items from a store without paying) is against the law, and you will be caught and arrested if you commit this crime.
• If convicted you may not be able to come back in the country for several years.